The Boys of BLUE 



Evers and Tinker

No.   Player                              Pos.     Bats         Throws 

  8  Arbaugh, Mel  (Evers)    Mgr/IF       R                 R

38  Bair, Larry                           P             L                 R

 4  Bowen, Jerry                       OF          R                 R

13 Covalt, John                        C            R                 R

23 Davis, Ben                         DH           R                 R

 5 Doedderline, Bob               OF           R                R

 9 Fridinger, Greg (Tinker)      IF           R                 R

 7 Henry, Tom                            IF           B                 R

 2 Hoffman, Neal                     OF          R                 L

24 Keeney, Dave                     OF          L                  R

16 Morano, Pete                    C/OF        L                  L

52 Plitt, Fred                            P              L                  L

35 Price, Mike                        C/IF           L                  R

  3 Pugh, Jim                            IF            R                 R

  6 Schaeffer, Tim                    P             L                  L

14 Spears, Howard               OF           R                  R

22 Stroud, Al                            IF            R                  R

 0  Warehime, Oscar               P            L                  R

99  White, Joe                          IF            L                  R

15 Zepp, Jr                              OF           L                  R

33 Zuretti, Hank (Chance)    1B           R                  R


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